Transitioning to civilian life means making dramatic changes. Veterans grapple with adapting to civilian workplace cultures and institutions, upskilling, getting relevant professional experience, and learning how to translate old skills to navigate civilian life.

By the numbers:

4 500+
Ukrainian military fatalities during 2014 - 2021
14 000+
Ukrainian military wounded during 2014 - 2021
2 000 000+
Ukrainian veterans after victory against the latest phase Russian military aggression
Veteran Service Organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine

During 2023 assistance provided for:

veterans in Legal Aid
veterans in the Training/retraining direction and 2 educational groups
veterans in Health care
1 126
veterans in the project "Stop. Rest"

“Pislya Sluzhby” Annual Report 2023

Ukrainian employers are losing talent that is difficult and expensive to replace

Education programs, employers, and employment agencies lack the expertise to recruit, retain, and help translate the sought-after skills of Ukrainian veterans(loyalty, reliability, integrity, communication skills, and self-discipline)

Ukrainian veteran suicide was a problem before 2022 and remains a growing problem

Ukrainian mental health professionals lack the tools and training to deal with the scale of the issues veterans face today:

  • financial problems
  • unemployment
  • lack of adequate housing
  • substance abuse
  • failure to reintegrate into civilian society
  • moral injury
  • untreated emotional distress
  • physical injuries
  • lack of community
  • pre-existing mental health vulnerabilities

Research also shows that those who served in the military for less than three years are at greatest risk for suicide

Psychological help


Why: Ukrainian military veterans have defended their home, families, and the free world from tyranny. They shed blood to defend and some have made the ultimate sacrifice.Ukrainian vets deserve navigable resources to help them succeed and improve their quality of life after service and reduce veteran suicide.

Who: Ukrainian veterans especially those who have received a physical or mental injury, wound, or illness during military service

How: Integrated approaches that leverages community, national, international, and private sector networks and resources.

What: Easy -to -access and comprehensive resources and opportunities for Ukrainian veterans to help them transition to and thrive in civilian life. Support Ukrainian businesses to build dedicated Ukrainian veteran employment programs



Legal aid for wounded Bogdan
The lawyers we hired specifically for his case obtained full payments for several months of his treatment
Floral master class by Olga Tarasenko
During the workshop, our participants created fantastic bouquets! Just look at the photos, we are amazed at how incredible they look!
April and May 2024 newsletter
Dear friends of «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service)! Traditionally, we inform you of the most interesting meetings and results of «Pislya Sluzhby» Foundation and veterans achievements.
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