Getting Assistance

What steps are required to participate in the "Pislya Sluzhby" (After Service) program and receive assistance?

1. If you are a veteran and have a specific need that we can address, it is worth filling out the registration form for the program. The form allows us to gather the most important information about the veteran and assess how much we can assist in different situations. It also helps us organize and maintain data about all applicants.

2. We will need some time to process the application, but after submitting the form on our website, our manager will contact the applicant and conduct an interview to identify and discuss urgent and potential needs that the "Pislya Sluzhby" (After Service) organization can address.

3. The Customer Relations Manager will seek solutions by networking and communicating with team members and partners, including affiliated individuals, national partners, service providers, and veteran associations within Ukraine.

4. Once the veteran's need is registered within the network and/or financed through the "Pislya Sluzhby" (After Service) program, our organization will provide support and coordinate the work of relevant organizations and service providers.

5. Moving forward, all participants of the "Pislya Sluzhby" (After Service) program will remain connected and can attend veteran meetings and events organized by our organization.

We strive to make assistance for veterans accessible, straightforward, and comprehensible.