About us

Who are we

We are a non-profit organization, Charity Foundation "Pislya Sluzhby" (After Service). As can be derived from the name, we focus on the military and veteran audiences, namely Ukrainian veterans. And this fund was established for them in 2022 in Ukraine.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the community responded by creating many foundations that engaged in charitable activities in Ukraine. In turn, we decided to care for our veterans, who will inevitably face the challenge of reintegrating into civilian life after the war.

Our mission is to help Ukrainian veterans to succeed after Service. Therefore, we work to cover virtually all aspects of veterans' life: from psychological problems to rehabilitation and reintegration, from employment search to professional education.

Our vision of solving military problems in civilian life includes the following:

  • Providing resources, preparing and promoting the successful adaptation of Ukrainian veterans, and reducing the number of suicides among military personnel.
  • Creating a community for veterans and raising societal awareness about it.
  • Organizing professional organizations, businesses, foundations, state institutions, and volunteer movements to deal with veterans' issues.

Our values, with which we start our activity, are stable and uncomplicated:

  • Accountability - all activities of the organization are fully transparent and open, as well as monitored by foreign partners.
  • Service - we provide professional and responsible support for everyone who applies to the program.
  • Integrity - we will make every effort and use every resource at hand to ensure that every case is brought to its conclusion.
  • Innovation - the organization uses modern programs, analytical data, and the experience of foreign partners in solving veterans' issues in civil life.
  • Self-improvement - we are working on expanding our partner base, increasing opportunities, and attracting new opportunities to fulfill our goal.

Glory to Ukraine! #PislyaSluzhby

Meet the team

Yulia Goncharova - Director of "Pislya Sluzhby" foundation, volunteer since 2014, Head of the Medical Department of Volunteer organization "Narodny Tyl" for two years, member of the Council of Volunteers at the MOD, chief coordinator and co-founder of the CF "All-Ukrainian Public Platform" «RazomUA»".
Vitsan Oleksandr is our Combat Veteran of the volunteer battalion of the National Guard. He is a Volunteer.
Maryana Kovalenko - consultant of the Foundation for the implementation of projects, volunteer since 2014.
Julia Ivakina - Chief Accountant of the Foundation, active volunteer since 2014.
Julia Ostroushko - SMM specialist, photographer and operator.
Sofia Burlachenko - office manager, student of the Institute of International Relations.

Advisory board

Jim Lorraine
President & CEO

Jim Lorraine is the President and CEO of America’s Warrior Partnership, who served in the U.S. Air Force as a Flight Nurse Attendant with nine combat deployments. Mr. Lorraine retired as the Deputy Command Surgeon for the United States Special Operations Command after 22 years of service. He was a founding member of the US Special Operations Command Care Coalition and served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Warrior and Family Support.


Olexander Tereshchenko is the Adviser on Prosthetics and Rehabilitation of Veterans, returning them to civilian life. Oleksandr is a Veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Cyborg, holder of the "For Courage" Order of the III degree, and "National Hero of Ukraine." During the defense of the Donetsk airport, he lost his right arm and left hand and received severe eye injuries. He founded his own eponymous charitable foundation, Oleksandr Tereshchenko, and has been since helping war veterans in returning to civilian life, implementing projects and veteran businesses, and supporting family members of fallen Heroes.

Fedor Shandor is an Adviser on Education and Retraining, a Doctor of Philosophy, and a Professor at the Uzhgorod National University.

Serving in the Armed Forces on the front line, he continued to conduct online lectures for his students, which earned him the fame of the "Professor from the Trench."

Igor Shaposhnikov is our Business Development Advisor, IT, and Data Science Sales Expert. He has been active as a Volunteer since 2016.

Serhiy Poznyak is an Adviser on Entrepreneurship and Business Relations. He is the Chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs-Veterans of ATO.

Serhiy is a Financial and Investment Expert with more than 20 years of experience and a Junior sergeant of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Mr. Poznyak is also the Owner and CEO of the brands Cronvest and FinStream and an Adviser to the Government Office on attracting investments.

Viacheslav Oliynyk is an Adviser on Psychological Rehabilitation and Suicide Prevention. Vyacheslav is a Veteran and a Military Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with military personnel.

His professional, scientific, and practical interests include the psychology of extreme activity, suicidology, and psychological assistance. Mr. Oliynyk is the co-author of the System of Prevention of Suicidal Behavior of Servicemen implemented in the National Guard of Ukraine.

Vasyl Rybak – PhD, President of the Ukrainian Association of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Head of the Rehabilitation and Reconstructive Surgery Center.

Ksenia Voznitsyna – Director of the Center for Mental Health and Rehabilitation «Lisova Polyana» of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Konstantin Tatarkin - a veteran and expert in the commemoration and reintegration of veterans, served as an advisor to the Minister and head of the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2019 to 2021.