How to cope with loss

How to cope with loss

Our partner - The Network of Psychological Rehabilitation Centers «TMS Rehabilitation» wrote an article about how to cope with the loss of a loved one. We want to share these valuable tips with you.

It used to be believed that the process of grieving had phases. Now we know for sure - there are no phases, there are tasks.

1. It is necessary to recognize the loss

Rituals can help - funerals, memorials, mourning. It's incredibly important to help realize the reality of the loss, express feelings and get support from family and friends. Remember the person, realize his legacy, cherish and honor his memory. Yes, it may cause pain, but it's essential to remember that pain is a part of the journey we need to go through and share with others.

2. Mourn the loss

You have to live through the pain, so allow yourself to grieve. Your range of feelings will be quite extensive - anxiety, anger, loneliness, guilt. This is normal. People who don't allow themselves to mourn the loss may experience grief longer.

3. Adapt to the world without your loved one

You need to take on the tasks and roles that the deceased used to perform. To learn to perceive yourself separately from the deceased person, that is, to define your own identity.

4. Create a «Living Memory»

Make a place in your memory for the deceased person. This will allow you to maintain a valuable connection with them, without hindering the creation of another chapter in your life. In this way, we create a memory of a loved one, trying to adopt their best qualities and sometimes even their beautiful dreams.

Author: Hanna Kolomiets

20 November 2023