Playback Theater performance on May 28, 2023

Playback Theater performance on May 28, 2023

The concept of playback theater revolves around portraying the real-life stories of the audience, providing a fresh perspective. That's why our friends and partners from "Deja Vu Plus" recently visited us.

During the playback theater session, audience members share their personal stories, serving as the script for the actors. This time, we delved into complex military issues, including challenges such as employment struggles for veterans transitioning to civilian life, the experiences of families awaiting the return of their loved ones, and the unique obstacles faced by young military leaders, among others.

The theater actors engaged the audience in an intriguing manner, expressing their thoughts and emotions through a short, humorous performance. They then enacted the thoughts and emotions of the audience members in the actual performance. Multiple stories from the audience were enacted, collectively referred to as "And don't forget to scratch behind the ear," a title chosen by the audience and the presenter. To witness how it unfolded, please watch the accompanying video.

Volodymyr served as the host of this performance, accompanied by four improvisational actors from the renowned Kyiv theater "Deja Vu Plus," which has been at the forefront of playback theater in Ukraine for 15 years.

Originating in the 1970s, playback theater discards pre-written scripts. Instead, the power lies with the audience, who actively participate in setting the stage's scenario. It is a theater where the audience's scenarios come to life, enabling everyone present to be a co-author of the performance.

7 June 2023