Financing Expensive Rehabilitation for Veterans

The «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) Foundation provides assistance to veterans with complex wounds and injuries with great dedication and responsibility. Each case is considered individually, because we understand that each story is unique and requires a special approach.

Among rehabilitation requests, priority is given to complex cases, especially those, who have faced spinal injuries, are unable to move independently and require assistance in returning to a full life. We understand that such injuries require prolonged and costly treatment.

One of the Fund's cases is rehabilitation assistance for a Hero, who served in a mortar battery and was severely injured in August 2022 near Pisky in the Donetsk region: first he received a gunshot wound, and then a mine explosive. He sustained serious injuries, including a spinal injury and spinal cord rupture, but unfortunately, the necessary operations are not carried out in Ukraine.

To keep his muscles active, the veteran needed special rehabilitation. Currently, he is undergoing the necessary procedures in a private clinic in the Kyiv region. This is one of the steps on the way to restoring his health and returning to an active life.

If you have faced similar challenges or know someone, who needs help, contact the «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) Foundation. We are always here to support, assist and provide the necessary resources for the rehabilitation of veterans.

Together, we create a support network and help our heroes’ adaptation to civilian life after service.

24 August 2023