Psychological Online Seminars for Military Personnel

Psychological Online Seminars for Military Personnel

Last week, the expert of the «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) Foundation, psychologist Nataliia Shuba, conducted a series of online seminars for one of the military unit, which is currently performing tasks not far from the capital.

The seminars focused on the topic of combat stress.

Absolutely every participant in military operations experiences this condition, so it is crucial to talk about it with soldiers.

Nataliia acquainted the active military personnel with the typology of combat stress, namely constructive, destructive, infantilized and enraged one.

She explained the importance of psychological preparation for the prevention of combat stress. It includes training, open verbalization of thoughts and the ability to identify fear and stress.

Of course, the psychologist paid a lot of attention to relaxation and self-regulation techniques. They are useful both directly before combat actions and after the operation. These techniques include breathing and calming exercises (for example, the «Exhaling Fear – Inhaling Courage» exercise), as well as muscle relaxation training.

Focusing on controlling your actions and feelings also helps to relieve stress. Ask yourself simple but helpful questions like «Who am I? Where am I? What do I have to do?»

It is important for every military person to remember that stress cannot be avoided in wartime. However, it is within our power to recognize it, control it and provide help to ourselves and our comrades.

14 November 2023