Drawing master class for wards of CF "Mriya"

On Saturday, June 17, a drawing master class was organized for children under the care of the "Mriya" charitable foundation. The participants were children aged 4 to 10 years old. The master class was conducted by Lyudmila Romanenko, a renowned artist and drawing teacher who actively works with children and wounded soldiers in hospitals.

The main objective of the event was to teach children drawing skills and nurture their creative abilities. It also aimed to provide emotional distraction, allowing the children to momentarily escape from their problems and difficulties by expressing their feelings through art. Lyudmila Romanenko conducted engaging master classes, introducing various drawing techniques and encouraging the children to unleash their imaginations on canvas. The outcome was a collection of remarkable and original artworks that impressed everyone with their beauty.

The Charity Foundation "Pislya Sluzhby," as the organizer of the event, expresses heartfelt gratitude to Lyudmila Romanenko for her dedicated efforts in fostering the creative abilities of the children. Her work with these young artists is an integral part of the foundation's initiatives, which focus on supporting and assisting veterans, military personnel, their families, and all those affected by military aggression.

For more information about master classes organized by the "Pislya Sluzhby" foundation, please visit our creative Telegram channel.

The "Pislya Sluzhby" Charitable Foundation extends its gratitude to all those who support its endeavors and contribute to the achievement of its goals. It is through collective efforts that we can bring about positive change in people's lives and help them realize their potential.

19 June 2023