Ukraine Serve Network

Pislya Sluzby’s (After Service) Ukrainian Veteran Community Integration Program is dedicated improving the quality of life of veterans and reducing veteran suicide

Pislya Sluzby’s (After Service) Ukrainian Serve Network in Practice

How our Ukraine Serve Network works

Register with our program on our website
If the veteran declares an attainable need upon registration, they will be interviewed by a Pislya Sluzby (After Service) case manager. The case manager will evaluate the veteran’s needs
The case manager will research a solution via The Network. They will then facilitate follow-ups, due outs, and communication with team members, affiliates, national partners, service providers, NGOs, and Ukrainian VSOs
Once a veteran requirement is connected to The Network and/or is funded by Pislya Sluzby (After Service) , the case manager will regularly check in with the veteran and related service providers


Development and support of veteran recruitment programs at universities and trade schools

Free and discounted access to education and training resources to assist with transition to civilian life including:

Financial literacy and personal finance courses
Resume preparation and Interview skills
Resume preparation and Interview skills
Public speaking and presentation skills classes
Professional writing courses
Professional writing courses
Leadership and team building classes
Microsoft Office and other relevant technology platform training

Mental Health

Connections of veterans to local mental health professionals trained and experienced working with veterans

Funding of national and international training courses for Ukrainian mental health professionals to increase their ability to support veterans with their specialized needs


Free access to career transition coaches, business mentors, and employment agencies

Training of Ukrainian employers on how to support veterans in their civilian careers focused on reduction of veteran employment turnover, increased veteran recruitment, navigation of civilian employment systems, and improved self-identification

Sluzby Scholars (Cлужби вчених)

Cohort-based veteran transition program focused on success in civilian life for Ukrainian service members.

Our Sluzby Scholars undergo extensive selection and receive dedicated transition support through a free 12-month long program.

The program is an integrated career transition approach that leverages a differentiated education, rehabilitation, and placement approach


Ukraine Serve Network is a free service connecting veterans with vetted national, local, and international resources and training
“In Front” is a no-cost weekly gathering of veterans in local communities. Veterans and those who support veterans are able to connect and collaborate
Networking of veterans with business leaders in the community