How do veterans adjust to civilian life, and what motivates military personnel to learn English

How do veterans adjust to civilian life, and what motivates military personnel to learn English


In the post-service phase, soldiers often face the need to acquire new knowledge and skills to ensure successful employment. We would like to share the inspiring stories of two Ukrainian defenders, Kostyantyn and Oleksandr, who embraced the opportunity to learn and develop, leading them to new horizons.

Kostyantyn O. - Rugby, Fighter, and Entrepreneur

Kostyantyn served in the Irpin Territorial Defense (TRO) from the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. Irpin was a battleground during that challenging period, and Kostyantyn actively participated in multiple engagements. Although he is no longer an active military serviceman, Kostyantyn approached the "Pislya Sluzhby" Foundation with a request to support his English language learning. As an entrepreneur, he occasionally needs to communicate with clients in English. Within a short period, he successfully completed two levels of training, enhancing his ability to connect with clients.

Kostyantyn shared his thoughts on his learning experience: "I had never studied English beyond school, so my knowledge was limited. The "Pislya Sluzhby" Foundation covered the expenses for my English courses, and it provided me with a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I found all the materials and tasks engaging. As for the results, I feel that my English proficiency has improved, and I can see its impact in my achievements. The program was well-organized, and I apply the knowledge I gained in my work."

Kostyantyn also expressed his appreciation for the foundation's case managers: "Everything went smoothly, and the response was prompt. The case managers regularly contacted me to inquire about my progress, whether I needed any assistance, or if everything was going well. They showed great attentiveness to my needs."

When asked if he would recommend the "Pislya Sluzhby" Foundation to his fellow servicemen, Kostyantyn replied, "Absolutely, I would and I do! In fact, I even informed my colleague from Irpin about the foundation, and he learned about it through me." He concluded his message with a heartfelt expression of gratitude: "I have only one thing to say - thank you!"

Oleksandr G. - ATO Participant, Military Veteran, and Future IT Specialist

Oleksandr G., another military veteran, approached the foundation with a similar request. He served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014-2015 and 2017, and later joined the National Guard in 2019. Oleksandr actively participated in military operations but suffered repeated knee injuries, including a cruciate ligament rupture. He is currently in the recovery stage following surgical procedures.

Having the status of a participant in hostilities, Oleksandr also served as the head of the public council for ATO participants in Irpin from 2015 to 2019. During the full-scale war, he fought in battles for Irpin, Lysychansk, and Rubizhne. Despite his injuries, Oleksandr remains a resilient soldier.

To enhance his prospects in the field of IT technologies after completing his service, Oleksandr made the decision to learn English. He sought assistance from the foundation to acquire English language skills that would open up job opportunities in this field.

Oleksandr's story is still unfolding, and he is actively engaged in his studies. By seizing the opportunities provided by the foundation, he is determined to shape his future. With the support of English language courses and the guidance of case managers, Oleksandr has taken the initial steps toward realizing his goals.

The stories of Kostyantyn and Oleksandr exemplify the journey of military personnel who, after completing their service, seek new knowledge and skills for successful employment.

Each veteran's story is unique, and they all have their own aspirations and plans for the future. It is crucial to provide veterans with the necessary support and resources to help them unleash their potential in civilian life.

Thanks to our partners and donors, Ukrainian veterans have the opportunity to rebuild their lives after service and reach new heights.

The "Pislya Sluzhby" Foundation will continue to be a dependable partner for veterans and military personnel as they navigate their paths beyond service.

Furthermore, English has the potential to become a widely spoken international language in Ukraine. To learn more about this topic, you can read the LB.UA article.

4 July 2023