Courses in military psychology for a veteran

Courses in military psychology for a veteran

Before the war Oleksiy served in aviation and loved photography.

After the full-scale invasion, he participated in the battles for Kyiv, where he was captured for 294 days.

After the capture he was rehabilitated and returned to military service.

Oleksiy has a higher military education and is currently studying for a Master's Degree at the University of Management at the Faculty of Psychology. He aims to provide professional psychological assistance to military personnel and their family members.

However, his studies at the University focus more on civilian aspects. Therefore, Oleksiy asked us to help him take courses on military psychology to work in this field after the war.

«Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) Foundation covered the expenses of his training. Oleksiy was very satisfied with the course he completed, stating that the knowledge he gained, greatly helps him in his service, especially when working with those returning from captivity.

13 February 2024