Joint Workshop from «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) and «DovganArt» on August 12th, 2023

Joint Workshop from «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) and «DovganArt» on August 12th, 2023

Recently, the veteran foundation «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) together with the veterans visited the DovganArt pottery workshop. This indescribably warm and inspiring meeting was a moment of combining creativity, therapy and shared memories.

During the meeting, with treats and pleasant conversations, the participants had the opportunity to acquire new skills. They personally crafted clay products and then painted them with great care. This activity, besides providing creative satisfaction, also proved to be very beneficial for calming and relaxation.

The DovganArt pottery workshop created an unmatched atmosphere of comfort and harmony, where participants could detach themselves from everyday worries and feel like at home. The process of working with clay helps to abstract and reflect on one's own, so on this day many people plunged into their thoughts, and the participants enthusiastically observed the beautiful nature around them.

The joint event was also a great opportunity to meet old acquaintances. The veterans, who had not seen each other for a long time, shared emotions and stories, that they went through together. It is very pleasant to observe and especially, to be involved in creating such moments, when those who have much to talk about meet.

The Veterans Foundation «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) considers this event as another demonstration of fraternal strength. It is essential for us that veterans have the opportunity to unite, share and support each other. We are sincerely grateful to all participants for their presence, sincerity and openness.

The «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) Foundation continues its mission to unite heroes and provide them with the necessary support, helping to create strong connections within the veteran community.


The Veterans Fund «Pislya Sluzhby» (After Service) unites!

16 August 2023